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Afro Delegates Foundation
Afro Delegates Foundation

Leading promotion of diplomacy

Through the Model United Nations programs

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Youth with right mindset

Young visionary youth is what a country needs

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Talent Discovery

Through formulation of monumental platforms for practice as a way to create an extraordinary groups of youths with impressive skills in a bid to create the Uganda and Africa that we want

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To nurture a network of youth intellectuals through social and leadership skilling based on UN practices


To see a vibrant, durable and sustainable quality organization effecting positive transformation in Africa’s young generation


To effectively achieve goals, AFRO DELEGATES partners with other organizations

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We Debate

We convene as young people to debate critical issues that affect us as young people, our Planet, and human progress

We Resolve

During our debates, we resolve critical issues, make recommendations, identify solutions and practical interventions

We Act Upon

We move forward to implement our identified solutions and interventions and create an impact

Diplomacy at effective service delivery for inclusive and shared prospertiy

We transform the youth

To become generational Diplomats

Mindset, attitude, this is perhaps the most defining element in an individual. A positive mindset is what is needed:

For a future deserved, where the world is free of violence, oppression and darkness. For a world blooming with a generation of diplomats and out of the box thinkers. A positive mindset is what is needed.

We are here to nurture a network of youth intellectuals through social and leadership skilling based on Model United Nations programs.

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Pan African Model United Nations Summit 2023
  • Date: April 28th - 30th 2023
  • Location: Kampala Uganda

What PANMUN 2023 has to offer


Amplifying MUN and Uniting Voices

  • MUN is a simulation of the United Nations Assembly where youths called delegates have the opportunity to represent the various countries in the MUN charter

  • They engage in discussions on real life global issues and come up with resolutions

  • Young leaders referred to as delegates, who are assigned a country to represent in one of the United Nation’s numerous committees with pre-set topics to debate.

  • Young leaders learn how to improve their soft skills in leadership, negotiation, and diplomacy.

What Happens at MUN

President's MUN Awards

Arrival of Delegates

Opening Grand symposium

Committee Sessions

Parade of Nations

Diplomatic Dinner


President's MUN Awards

Afro delegates Foundation President General Ali Presents to the Speaker of Parliament of Uganda in 2020 two (2) Global MUN Awards of Best delegate of Food and Agricultural Organisation of the UN(FAO) and Honourable Mention Award of World Health Organisation (WHO) council won in Bali-Indonesia

Afro delegates President Ali receives the Best Strategist Global MUN award of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) Nepal Edition 2019

Afro delegates President General Ali on receiving the Global Honourable Mention Award of WHO council won in BAIMUN2 in Bali Indonesia 2020

Afro delegates President General Ali receives the Most Oustanding Diplomancy Global Award of the United Nations General Assembly 2022 at AYIMUN Dubai Edition

Afro delegates President General Ali receives the Highest MUN Best Delegate Global Award of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN in Nairobi Kenya


Countries Coverage


Million Membership Goal by 2030


Linked Schools & Universities by 2030

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