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Afro Delegates Foundation
Afro Delegates Foundation

Diplomatic Enterprise Corps (DECs) is a unique diplomatic culture to respond to humanity through voluntary services


The Afro Delegates Foundation Diplomatic Enterprise Corps are also known as ‘AfroDECs’ are designated volunteers working as individuals or in groups to support various projects in countries around the world. These special people are professionals from diverse technical backgrounds, development and policy experts, and university professors and school teachers who what the students in third world countries to have the opportunity to sit under the tutorage of world-class teachers, lecturers, scientists, families, and students with a heart to serve alongside our team to empower vulnerable communities while building vibrant and sustainable communities around the world.


  • Teach at a University or school where Afro Delegates Foundation has Model United Nations Club(s).
  • Work with the poor communities and the underprivileged special projects.
  • Strengthening Systems to build community resilience- by enabling them to withstand and emerge stronger from shocks and chronic stresses and then thrive.
  • Scale up intervention to build back lives


DECs work in both communities and institutions in the private and public sectors around the world where our services are required or have been requested.

DECs come from all kinds of backgrounds. They're just out of college, mid-career, Professionals, or Retired Executives and they reflect the rich cultural diversity of the world


Your volunteer work with Afro Delegates Foundation as an AfroDEC could take you all around the world, to rural or urban communities, all with acute development needs – but all safe enough to host you. Currently, we are working in Africa but with plans underway to establish our presence around the world.

It’s important that you take the time to find the right volunteer job for you. Once you’ve browsed current Volunteer opportunities, you can fill in your online application form to apply for that volunteer job.

If you are not ready to apply yet, or we are not currently advertising volunteer jobs that match your skill set, then you can register for Volunteer job alerts so we can stay in touch when suitable roles become available.

Become a volunteer

Submit your application to join our volunteership team


The AfroDEC Volunteer Opportunities’ roles may involve a term commitment of 3 months, 3 months, 6 months to 2 years. AfroDECs Volunteers or professional volunteers must be committed to following the Afro Delegates Foundation values, principles, and guidelines.

What is involved?

  • AfroDECs serve closely with a manager, who engages, equips, and enrich them as they serve.
  • AfroDECs receive more regular information and communications.
  • AfroDECs serving in these roles may be outfitted with the necessary tools to fulfill duties or tasks directly related to the role.
  • Many of these roles are nationally based, and some may require travel at times. These roles may require professional-level skill sets (training is provided for all roles).
  • Depending on term commitments and the functional complexities of each role - Volunteer Leadership may be asked to participate in national, regional, or local training events. Generally, roles with term commitments of 1 year or longer are required to participate.

AfroDECs Volunteer Requirements for Mission Trips

When searching for volunteer opportunities with AfroDECs, you’ll find every program has a list of requirements for prospective applicants. It is important to review the list carefully before submitting your application. The most common requirements to volunteer overseas include:

  • Age Minimum: Programs may have a minimum age of 18, but there are plenty of high school volunteer programs available. There are also volunteer programs aimed at more mature Diplomatic travelers too!
  • A Good Attitude: while this may seem like a no-brainer, some volunteers forget this isn’t a vacation. You’ll have to be positive, adaptable, and willing to work hard.
  • Physical Ability: Some assignments may demand a higher degree of physical activity. If so, they will list it to ensure you can participate.
  • Passport & Visas: In order to go abroad, you’ll need to be eligible for a passport in your home country and apply for visas as necessary.
  • Field Experience: if your volunteer assignment requires professional skills (like medical work) you may be required to have six months to a few years of professional experience in order to be eligible for the program.
  • Language: If the assignment that caught your eye is in a country where English isn’t widely spoken, you may encounter a foreign language requirement.