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Afro Delegates Foundation
Afro Delegates Foundation

AFRO DELEGATES provides an expertly international hands-on development work experience and cultural immersion to international students seeking internship experience outside their own countries. We treat our interns to two major international programs the first being the Diplomatic Learning Experience Program (DLEP) conducted as part of the orientation and the second one being Practical Employment

Accelerator (PEA) conducted in the middle of the program. This is a tripartite program provided in collaboration with the International Policy Center for Sustainable Development (IPC4SD),UK and the Africa Council of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ACOSBE) and provides the supply of quality building blocks for an international career with non-profit agencies, development agencies, donors and public sector institutions with the right competencies, skills and abilities needed to fulfill the practicum requirement for an International robust career.


Through internship program gain an expertly practical skill, competency and abilities to support social impact development work. Apply Here for Internship


How our Interns and volunteers come from all kinds of backgrounds? They're just out of college, mid-career, business executives, Professionals or Retired Executives and they reflect the rich cultural diversity of the world resources to support and create positive social impact and development, visit here


Get involved as groups of business executives, faculty students-led breaks, holiday development expert’s excursion in volunteering, fundraising with the AfroDECs.

A wonderfull experience

You will get professonal experience in our internship program

Discover Expert resources, toolkits and publications to support your work with and for Social Impact.

Resources to help you have an impact: whether you’re a social impact mission worker, Volunteer or entrepreneur looking for ways to transform vulnerable communities and are looking for toolkits and ready to go activities, an advocate looking for reports you can cite in a brief, or a journalist looking for reliable data, Afro Delegates resources can help your work on issues affecting communities worldwide. Enter our resource center here

Practical training, mentorship and certified courses to support your personal and organization development

We provide a wide range of practical training, mentorship and certified courses delivered by experts to support your professional development and work with young people. Alongside our scheduled training calendar, tailored and on-demand training to build your organization’s capacity is also available. Visit here

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